Fancy meetin' you round these here parts. Well, howdy there! I'm Jane, 14, and I'm from Arizona. I blog about fashion photography, sometimes just adding whatever I find is cute/adorable. I should probably introduce myself to everyone on here, but that'll have to wait. Happy blogging! (:  beautiful person(s)
Fashion.Photography.Animals.FOOD.Classic Disney.Music.My Family.My Best Friend.Project Runway.Crazy Shoes.Colorful Rings.Vogue Magazine.Forever 21.Vibrant Makeup.Hair Feathers.Writing.❤
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@andie_arthur & @ohyeahondria in @teenvogue! hair by @jamespecis, makeup by @narsissist’s @francelle_daly. I think, btw, that’s the most twitter handles I’ve ever written in one teeny little caption, whew


Suzie Bird by Horst Diekgerdes for Harper’s Bazaar US Oct 2011

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